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Oh no, it's a visitor! And the only way you could have found this place, is if you know me, you know someone I know, or you decided to type in dragon-bait.com into the location bar. Lucky you. I've had this place up for a while now. A long while actually, more than 3 years. It all atarted on a dark and stormy night. Actually, just kidding, you don't want to know why I made this. I just did, now you have to live with it, or just leave. Tis your choice. Enjoy.

Oh, I would also appreciate it that if u find a broken link, you report it using this form. It helps keep things valid, you probably know how annoying it is to find a broken link. But even though you know that, I also know you won't bother. So why'd I bother asking? It's a mystery... Well, thanks for stopping by, and if you happen to enjoy your very short stay and have the sudden urge to link to my site from yours, please add it linking to this page: http://www.dragon-bait.com/index.html Thanks.

What's New
August 10, 2002:
Yay, I got this thing a bit updated for my Info Tech. It should be fine.

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